Women’s Leadership


Brittany Collins Bio

Brittany Collins is a wife, mother of four, fur-mom to 8 pets, professional and a woman passionate about helping other women strengthen their walk with God.  She was baptized as a child in 1996 and again as an adult in January 2019.  Since recommitting to her life to Jesus, she has become involved at her local church in Glendale, AZ as a small group leader, table leader for women’s ministry, as well as an assistant in children’s ministry each Sunday.  Ever since her husband, Torrey, became involved with Be1Make1 in 2021, she has looked forward to the day she would be able to participate in Be1Make1 for women.  She is truly excited and honored to be a part of this wonderful mission!



Cindy Foss Bio

Cindy is a mom of 5 (2 of which are canine babies)  and a grandma of 2.  She was involved in the fitness industry for 33 years but has retired her leotard and leggings (in the nick of time)!  She now works with a horse (and goats, chickens, pigs, sheep, dogs!) rescue ranch as the volunteer coordinator and as a chore volunteer.  She helps facilitate bible studies, a ranch prayer chain and a new Cowboy Church at the ranch.

Her hobbies include hugging animals, creating fun art and studying Bible Prophecy!  The Lord grabbed her late in life after she saw the movie ‘Passion of the Christ’ and threw her right into the thick of it by planting her in a Revelation study!  She and her husband Kim love keeping an eye on the world through the eyes of Prophecy in His written word!

Favorite color: purple (and all the other colors).  Favorite food: anything alongside mashed potatoes.  Favorite weather:  storms with thunder and lightning (pretty sure that thunder is the Lord talking and the lightning is accentuating His point…😊).


Natalie Taylor Bio

Natalie is a Jesus loving wife and mom. Her husband Scott was discipled by Randy Holland in 2014 and he continues to disciple other men, including their son.

Natalie fully believes that God gave us all the instruction we need in His Word to live a life of joy in Him and for Him. Her passion is to help women find comfort, joy, purpose, and direction in God’s Word through biblical counseling, mentoring and disciple making relationships.


Kim Bain Bio

Kim Bain is a sun-soaker from Tampa Florida who is currently living the dream loving on middle school, high school and college age girls. When she isn’t working as the Girls Minister at Idlewild Baptist Church she proudly wears the title of “World’s Funnest Aunt” to her 14 nieces and nephews and wife to the coolest guy she’s ever met, Lyn Bain. By the hair of her chinny-chin-chin, Kim graduated from Southwestern Seminary with an MDiv, and she is living proof that anyone can make it through seminary! Through her papers and lectures and tears she discovered an insatiable love for God’s Word and a passion for teaching others the treasures contained in it. Kim would describe herself as a people-lover, tea-drinker, story-gatherer and would love to pull up a chair right next to you and soak in your God-story.  Her favorite phrase is “well, that sounds like fun” and if yours is too, we’re gonna be good friends!


Melia Wales Bio

Melia Wales is honored to be the youngest member on this team! She is a California girl born and raised but now a true Arizona local! She is newly married to the sweetest and tallest man on earth, Austin Wales. They met on Tikok in college which is a fun story to tell! When she is not with Austin, you may find her running around school teaching little preschool kiddos! Her days are full of life, joy, fun, and a little bit of chaos. Melia grew up in a Christian home and has been walking with the Lord since a little girl. Through life trials, home life and all the things, it wasn’t until senior year of highschool-beginning of college to where her faith was her own and really decided to make Jesus a part of her everyday life. She attended California Baptist University to earn her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Early Childhood Development while also focusing on community and discipleship with girls in her college days. With the transition of marriage, she and Austin have started attending a local church in Chandler and are currently figuring out where the Lord is calling them to serve!


 In her free time, if any, she loves hanging out with friends, wandering down all of  the Hobby Lobby, Costco, and Target aisles with Hubby, trying new restaurants, outdoor adventures ( PICKLEBALL!!), decorating, baking, and more! 

Favorite colors: neutrals, light pinks

Favorite food: Any! Cava, Cheesecake Factory, but sandwiches are an all time FAV:)

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