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Randy had always wanted to meet Tommy Nelson, Head Pastor at Denton Bible Church.  Tommy has had a huge impact on Randy’s walk with Christ and his journey in discipleship.  Denton Bible is one of the leading churches in the entire country who truly gets what discipleship is all about.  In 2018, Randy Holland was on a trip and was able to stop by Denton Bible Church, in Denton, Texas.  He was able to meet with Tommy immediately following the Sunday service and let him know the impact that he had in his life.  During that short visit with him, Tommy made it known to Randy that he was experiencing another severe bout of depression and was taking medication for it and was going to have to step away from the pulpit for a season.  Tommy specifically asked if Randy and the men at the Highland’s Church bible study, would pray for him and his recovery.  Randy assured Tommy that he and the men, would do it.

Over the course of the next several months, Randy would stay in touch with Tommy via emails and letters letting him know that the men were praying for him.  We took group photos of our study and became even more connected with Tommy through this.

Tommy started to recover and returned back to the pulpit a few months later.  Tommy and Randy continued to communicate and Tommy’s specific prayer then became that his “Joy” would fully return.  On one particular email, Tommy stated that because our men’s group in Scottsdale “because your men got down on their knees, I can now stand”.  Tommy told him at that point that his Joy would be fully restored if our men could come down to Denton Bible and visit with the men and open up God’s word and share with them.  We were able to pull this off in August of 2018.

The Highland’s Bible Study has a special relationship now with Tommy and we have been invited back September 25-28, 2020.  If you would like to go on this trip, we will be having a short meeting following the March 4th morning study.  If you cannot attend, please contact Randy and let him know of your interest in making this amazing trip.  Hope you can join us.

Till the nets are full,