Almost 25% of the Bible was prophetic at the time that it was written.  If God filled our Bible’s with that much information on prophecy, we as followers of Christ should take that seriously and have an obligation to study it.  353 prophetic scriptures in the Old Testament dealing with the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ have been fulfilled. 

The knowledge of Biblical prophecy produces the following important results: The Bible’s Authority, The Bible’s Accuracy, God’s Wisdom, God’s Power, God’s Promises, God’s Purposes, and God’s Peace. 

By having a knowledge of Biblical prophecy, we can be comforted by the fulfillment of these prophetic Scriptures which help us understand that every event that happens on this earth occurs by God’s design.

Below you will find two men who study prophecy and show us how it is unfolding right in front of our very own eyes.  Take the time to listen to these men’s messages that come out each week and you will be encouraged that God was, and always has been in control!

Pastor JD Farag

Calvary Chapel Kaneohe

Weekly Prophecy


From Amir Tsarfati Of

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