Nogales, MX
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Discipleship at the Children’s Dream Center

It’s a good feeling inside that gives one a higher sense of purpose. It encourages the volunteer to live an intentional life. -What volunteering offers.

Church Iglesia El La Calle and  N.A.N.A. Ministry,  offer supports for teaching life skills, work skills, and sharing the WORD. Their dedication to improving lives began with helping children living in the Nogales, Mexico,  City Dump, over 15 years ago. It was many years of giving of themselves to create a center that is open today for others who need a place for a new beginning. No guilt, no shame, come as you are; Pastors Ramon and Theresa are there to help, to offer their blessing of beautiful programs, like the men’s Discipleship Program (DP). Their programs are for all who volunteer to attend, there is no fee, the programs are supported by generous donations and sponsors.

Today,  Pastors Ramon and Theresa share their Men’s Discipleship Program, of many lives changed! Men who are someone’s son, brother, father, husband, who heard of a place that would give them a fresh start, if they choose. A place to reset their ways for the betterment of their family. A place to reflect on themselves and think about their future, and to build a relationship with our Creator and LORD.

Men’s Discipleship Program


The day begins early for the men of the Discipleship Program (DP). The participants are awoken by their morning wake-up call, it’s dark outside, the sun will rise in three hours. The men get ready for a full day of activities, beginning with praise and worship, bible study, following their day’s assignments. The seasoned disciples, assist in the DP, preparing for morning praise, worship, and bible study. Worship is full involvement, the men their talent of singing or playing an instrument, while others are tutored to learn an instrument to be a part of a spiritual worship team of song and praise. It is a beautiful service for seasoned participants to share their testimony of overcoming their hardships. 

The newcomers to the center have many questions. Beginning with, can it be true that a place like the Children’s Dream Center with a men’s program exists? A place that embraces a “lost sheep”? A place that helps one, who is broken, shameful, and carrying many regrets, and helps replace those hardships, brokenness with love, support, and encouragement. Yes, it does exist and many come and find a “home” with the center. 

Breakfast is served. The kitchen cooks are volunteers too, who participate in the Discipleship Program(DP). After breakfast, the men tend to their daily assignments. Each newly arrived volunteer meets with Pastor Ramon. Pastor listens to the individual share talents and gifts, personal needs, and life’s goals. Some men are unaware of their gifts and talents or interests. With Pastor Ramon, It’s amazing how he can take a broke man, mentor him to a point of giving him expertise skills, in areas like construction. (read on…) Pastor Ramon’s mentorship and life skill teachings provided to the men attending DP, is phenomenal! Transformations are witnessed, men who were once lost are now found!

The men of the Discipleship Program are volunteers who enjoy full involvement in participating in the program. Stories of the program teaching shared by the attendees, give insight into how the program’s structure, teaches responsibility not only for themselves but to others. Give them a sense of self-confidence and hope for a better future. Many feel peace and a sense of community, belonging to a “family”. It’s a good feeling inside, that gives one a higher sense of purpose.